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A Babyccino with my Inner Child

December 30, 2023

She is 9, and she is perfect. That's what she told me last week on December 24th when I visited my cousin's house. I'm talking about Sofia, my sweet niece.

Sofia still believes in Santa Claus, for whom she's preparing warm milk and a biscuit, plus a carrot for Santa's reindeer 😊

Maybe you're wondering what she asked for this Christmas. Only good health and joy for her family and the animals 😊

If I had a child, it would be a girl named Sofia.


…On December 24, I'd take her for a babyccino, and while she sipped it, I would tell her to:

-       Always Be Kind.

-       Have Love as a guide.

-       Be Curios.

-       Befriend her fears.

-       Listen to her Intuition.

-       Aspire to Inspire.

-       Cherish every moment in life as Time is so Precious.

-       Believe in her Dreams.

-       Choose wisely the people around.

-       Embrace Nature.

-       Walk with confidence.

-       Crying heals.

-       Read fairytales no matter the age.

-       Dance.

-       Smile every day even when it is hard.

-       To make someone smile whenever she can.

-       Journal her emotions, thoughts, insights, ideas.

-       Travel the world.

-       Fully open her heart.

-       Ask questions.

-       Be Grateful.

-       Hug the people she loves.

-       Be a deep listener.

-       To ask for help whenever she needs to.

-       To pay forward.

-       Experience several sports to choose the one she loves.

-       Nurture Joy.

-       Embrace Simplicity.

-       Be humble and proud at the same time.

-       Understand her Value and never belittle it.

-       Practice Patience.

-       Cherish Who She Is and Who She’s becoming every year of her life.

…On a December 30, I’m telling you the same…

Drawing I painted in July 2014, in Prumiano / Tuscany

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