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Lead By Nature and With Nature

July 17, 2023

"The relationship of all of us together, of all society, constitutes every one of us. We are what we are in terms of a human community and of an interlocking complex of communities." (Alan Watts)

A meaningful community that's what we begun building last week in Bran, Romania. When all the press was looking for Elon Musk, 26 people from 14 countries were masterminding impactful projects for the society.

In a beautiful location we crafted the foundation for an unique MVP (minimum viable project in this case :)).

For the first three days, Matthew lead a strategic workshop based on his brakethrough tool Hoshin North Star. I had the opportunity to also infuse some VUCA2 heart-based ingredients into the process and it felt amazing! After that the international change makers took the stage and brainstormed in nature.

I dare to believe that at the end of last week, Dani, Andreas, Jana, Salome, Athina, Veronica, Vasili, Cristina, Valeria, Linas, Miguel, Adi, Bogdan, Adelina, Andreea, Vlad, Medeea, Diana, Claudia, Cansu, Sibel, Fanni, Monika, Evgeni, got what they imagined before flying to Romania:

* A new view about my life and strategies on how to find out what I wanna do and how to do these things

* Inspiration

* New contacts and knowledge that I can use for my work

* To meet people with whom to co-create a project that will inspire positive systemic change, creating a better world for all

* Self-knowledge and therefore self-empowerment

* Meet amazing people with whom we could work together on at least one social impactful project 

* A sense of renewal and new creative connections

In the next period, what was begun will settle and flow as water and it will find the best way to be brought in the world. In a TAO / DAO way...

"The human being collaborates with nature—but he does so by virtue of having great awareness of the field of forces in which he is situated. Self-realization is, in fact, realizing—as a sensuous experience—that you are that field of forces; that you are both your outside and your inside." (Alan Watts)

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