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Rebekah Jacobs: "The beauty is in between - keep listening and learning..."

June 26, 2024
“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of our minds.” I remember her saying during my first or second class at her beautiful Sama Yoga Center.
It happened in August 2023 while I was visiting New Canaan, for the fourth time.
If you follow my blog or social media posts, probably you know that since last year, about 40% of my time is spent in the Unites States of America, more precisely in the state of connection – Connecticut.
Interestingly enough 😊 I am a connector and I’m craving for meaningful connections. Those of you living outside of your native country will definetely relate to my high need of getting good connections, and new friends in the place I spend quite a bit of my lifetime.
Finding Sama Yoga Center was a blessing and even more of a gift was meeting its founder Rebekah Jacobs. Since last summer, coming to New Canaan is easier because I have my special yoga place.
This month I asked Rebekah to share some of her life wisdom, stories with us. And here it goes!


  • What are three important moments in your life that would make you stop and tell us who you are?

Thank you for asking!

When I earned a dream job and got to travel to 48 states during my 18th and 19th years of life.

Discovering The Montessori School and method for my children, learning tools for a lifetime.

Opening my own business - now in year 9 and growing.

  • What brought you to where you are today?

An amalgamation of decades of forging my own path, learning, traveling, retooling, growing with grit, tenacity, desire, fortitude, and a passion for people.

  • If you were to meet yourself at the age of five, what advice would you give yourself for a harmonious journey through life?

Dear, curly soul. Be you - all of you - be courageous and kind, persevere - the people around you have their own perspective - the beauty is in between - keep listening and learning. You've got this - more than you know.

  • How would you define courage?

Being afraid, even frozen and doing it anyway - with drive and intentionality.

Photo Credit: Angie Mandl

  • When was the last time when you listened to your intuition? How did you feel doing that?

This morning - take my vitamins and nourish myself first, so that I can serve. It realigns my values and discipline and reminds me that I am worth it, to receive.

  • Which is your greatest personal gift? When was the last time you manifested it?

My greatest personal gift - do you mean a cultivated skill? If so, perhaps the potentiality to offer tools so that someone, at every stage and ability, may remember their own innate goodness, comfortable in the skin they are in, to focus on all that they CAN do. And I get to do that every day!

  • If you look at life as a journey, what stage of that journey do you see yourself in now?

Now I feel I am coming into my most powerful, and I believe I thought that last year, too! Ha! I am working on reframing self limiting beliefs and using challenges as fuel for growth. Right now for me is a stage of courage, change and patience. I thought I was strong before - I had no idea! To learning and growing together...

Photo Credit: Bevy Rutledge

To learn and grow together—so beautifully said, my dear! Thank you for sharing part of your story with us.


Dear Reader,
At the end of this article, I kindly ask you to pause, reflect, and write down the names of three people who are supporting your growth these days. Once you've done it, please call them or write to them expressing your gratitde. Thank you!

** Top Photo Credit: Bevy Rutledge

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